Online training classes existed before the outbreak of the Corona virus, but with the advent of the virus, the activity and growth of these platforms has increased more than before. The presence of these platforms has reduced the risk of coronary heart disease in classrooms and at the same time increased the effectiveness of training. One of the positives of the online learning platform that can be mentioned is that, you no longer miss your classes by traveling or moving unwanted, and you can in your class anytime and anywhere just by connecting to the Internet Come and learn the lesson you have booked. Before online classes became popular, you could go to one school or, finally, five schools to check on its instructors and finally choose one of them to teach. But now with a platform like ClassLike you have access to a huge number of professors anywhere in the world. For example, you will also have access to native teachers abroad to learn foreign languages ​​on the ClassLike platform, which are less common in face-to-face classes. If we want to mention the photo example of this story, I must say, if you are out of Iran and you need a teacher with Persian quality to teach you a lesson, you can also hold it in ClassLike with lower cost and higher quality. With an online learning platform like ClassLike, your travel costs and waste of time are also managed. At ClassLike you can teach privately, semi-privately or in groups with any professor you want. In the ClassLike platform, the variety of software and applications on which the class is held is very high so that students do not have difficulty in holding their classes.